Speaking Of Bag Color, Is One Of The Issues Of Concern, The Following Said To Everyone:

- Apr 06, 2017 -

1: black bag - noble, elegant, mysterious, sexy, charm can match the color of clothes: white, gray, rice, blue

2: white bag - bright, peaceful, pure

Can match the color of the clothes - can match all the color uniforms

3: gray bag - mature neutral color can match with any color

4: coffee and beige bag - mature, sophisticated, quiet (cold rice, warm rice) can match the color of clothes - basic color (black, white, gray, blue)

5 blue bag - deep + mysterious quiet, refreshing, sensible, deep can match the color of clothes - basic color white and black (bag, shoes)

6 shades of blue bag - yellow, red

7 red, purple bag - warm and romantic, sexy

Can match the color of clothes - black, white, yellow, blue, green

8 green bag - nature of the color, cool, vitality

Can be used with the color of clothes: the most appropriate black, white and the depth of green, but also with the adjacent yellow, complementary red (best not pure color)

9 pink bag - unique female color can match the color of clothes - white, black, deep pink - rose

10 purple bag - noble and elegant colors, women like, but it is difficult to match the color

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