Mummy/Baby Bag

Mummy bag is specially designed for the convenience of infants and young children. The products of infants and mothers are put into the bag in different categories to facilitate the mother to take the children out.
Professional Mummy bags should use fabric as the main ingredient. The products should not only meet the national luggage industry standards, but also consider the health of the baby. The materials used, especially the fabrics, must pass the tests on formaldehyde, color fastness and PH value. To ensure the safety and environmental protection of the Mummy bag selection material itself.
Mummy bags can be roughly divided into single shoulders, double shoulders, crossbody bags and portable four types.
1. One shoulder is suitable for mother and baby for a short time and shallow outdoor. The main advantage of the shoulder is to liberate the hands and make the mother more convenient to take care of the baby.
2. the double shoulders are suitable for long-term outdoor activities of mother and baby, for example: the whole family travels for more than one day. The main difference between the shoulders is that the weight is evenly distributed on the shoulders, reducing the sense of weight.
3. the Messenger bag is not only suitable for the mother's back, but also very suitable for the father to come back, naturally free and easy back, very stylish and convenient.
4. portable suitable for fashion mothers, Chao Ma with the baby to go out shopping, so that the mother is convenient and stylish.
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