Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags are the signs that identify the baggage and the voucher that the passenger receives the checked baggage. They are made of various materials with the number, name, letter, and other signs.
There are more and more people traveling now, and there are many different ways. Whether it is long-distance travel or long-distance travel, there will always be a bunch of luggage brought in, and in order to avoid the messy loss of many luggage, luggage tag is widely used in various Stations, airports, hotels, waiting rooms, etc.
The baggage tag is used to identify the belonging of the baggage. The sign with the number, name, letter and other signs made of various materials is used as the voucher for the baggage claim. When used on a suitcase, you can remind others not to take the wrong ones, and you can quickly find yourself in a large amount of luggage, even if the luggage is lost, you can let the airport staff contact you.
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